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Here are some links to videos with musicians using my custom guitar bodies.

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See Pics of Customers with my custom painted bodies.

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I just made the body...Now see the Gorgeous Guitar the Customer Built !!!

Here are some more examples of my custom painting. click to see page.



See Paco Pascual in Spain playing one of my Carved Top guitars on YouTube !

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Guitar show Tempe, Az.


On April 10, 2010, I displayed my latest Art Guitars at Tempe's first annual guitar show put on by C.E. Distribution. Thanks to all who attended. I was definitely swamped the whole day and thoroughly enjoyed the conversations with all that stopped in at my booth.




 Guitar World Magazine reviews an Excelsior Guitar.

December, 2000 issue. The Editor Loves it ! He was especially impressed with the fretwork, playability and custom paint.


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Other Magazine Articles

 Guitarist Magazine

March, 1996

 Guitar Graphic Vol. 8

1998 Issue

Check out one of my custom guitar paint creations on the cover of eMedia Music's new "Rock Guitar Method".

eMedia Music Corporation is the world’s leading publisher of guitar instruction software. (Dec, 2004)



Health is so-so. I'm goona take a break from guitar painting for awhile. So hold off sending me any guitars. I'll letcha know when I'm painting again. Have a good one.




I'm still plugging away. Energy is up and down. I'm caught up now so I can take in a job or two for October. Please contact me if you would like one of my custom metalflake bodies or some metalflake painting.

Tony DeLacugo




Well I'm basically retired now. The years of taking my body for granted have really caught up with me. A stroke, Paint sensitivities, a near blinding eye problem and old age haven't stopped me yet. I'm 63 and don't really work much but can still use an occasional paint or painted body sale. I just moved to a new location in the same town. I'm tired as all hell but there still is quite a bit of work to do. My physical shipping address is changed but my po box is the same. Ya know, just taking one day at a time now ! See Ya......

Tony DeLacugo

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Tony De Lacugo
Arizona City, Arizona

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